Portrait Nadia Zaboura


Scientific-analytical approach enriched with linguistic finesse, a distinct sense for innovation and in-depth knowledge in the fields of digitalization of economy, media, science and society. In a nutshell:

► Owner of policy and communications consultancy Zaboura Consulting

► Host of "quoted - media podcast", with co-host Nils Minkmar

► Assigned evaluator for the European Commission

► Expert moderator for analogue, virtual and hybrid events
► Communications specialist, media critic, adviser and facilitator

► Interdisciplinary synthesis of science, media and politics


Nadia S. Zaboura is a communication scientist and linguist. Since 2011 she is owner of 'Zaboura Consulting', a policy and communication consulting agency and furthermore works as experienced moderator, podcast host and jury chairwoman of German Radio Award.

Her customers include companies, ministries and associations, which she advises in strategy, communication and location policy – with a focus on media and ICT markets as well as on topics such as education, democracy and digitalization.

For over a decade, as experienced moderator and host she advises and accompanies high-level tech and science conferences, symposia, think tanks and workshops - with customers such as Fraunhofer Institut, BMFSFJ, Deutsche Kinder- & Jugendstiftung, Grimme-Institut, re:publica, Gamescom and ZDF. Her style: sovereign, professional, informed, charming and versatile in multi-stakeholder dialogue due to bridge-building, solution-oriented moderation technique.

Furthermore she acts as expert for digital economy and society, as author of foresight reports and as facilitator and evaluator of future topics within the following committees and juries:

► Appointed expert evalutor for the European Commission (Horizon Europe) (since 2015)
► Chairwoman of the jury of "German Radio Award" (since 2019, juror 2013-2015, 2018)
► Juror of "German Mobility Award" (2022)
► Member of the programme committee of re:publica, topic science (since 2017)
► Member of the Board of Trustees of Grimme Research Center (since 2018)
► Appointed appraiser for German Federal Ministry of Science (since 2019)
► Former chairwoman of renowned "Grimme Online Award" (2015; juror 2012-2014)


Since 2011: Owner Zaboura Consulting: policy adviser and communication specialist. Designs new strategies at the intersection between media, creativity and technology for customers from industry, politics and institutions. Furthermore regular assignments as experienced moderator, podcast host speaker and curator (analogue, digital, hybrid formats)

2012-2015: Consultant for cluster management CREATIVE.NRW, a project of BOROS GmbH on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Responsible for future driven and evidence-based regional development via foresight studies, concept and management of projects such as "German Haus @ SXSW Interactive 2014" or cross-industry convention "CREATIVE.HEALTH"

2010-2012: Co-developer of cluster management MEDIEN.NRW and political-economic strategy consultant for Mediencluster NRW GmbH. Including management of projects such as industry foresight study "Future of Advertising 2015" and "ADVANCE - International Web & Startup Conference" (WIRED UK: "the perfect tech conference")

2007-2010: Regional developer and explorer of sectoral trends such as digital creative industries and social media as consultant at innovation agency MFG. Including management of EU project CReATE, writing of foresight studies and management of an award-winning podcast covering digital innovation in business and society

Up to 2007: Studies in communication science and linguistics. Scientific focus on neuronal basis of communication as well as anthropology and language